Billy VanInwegen

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the kid behind the helmet

 NAME :  Billy VanInwegen 

Nickname : "Billy V "

Hometown : Sparrowbush,NY

Birthday : September 18th,1992

Occupation :  Insurance Rep @ Johnson & Conroy Ins.... Part time @ Len & Jo's Restaurant in Port Jervis,NY

Family : Mom - Lisa ,  Dad - Bill Sr ,   Sisters - Lara & Emily                       

 Dog - Charlie 

Grandparents : Hank & Carol Conroy of Port Jervis, NY   and  William & Lois VanInwegen of Dunnellon, FL 



Favorite Foods : Pizza,  milk , Oreo cookies,  

Racing Buddies : Nick Pecko, Ryan Smith, Brett Avenengo , Ben Whitaker

Favorite Car Owners :  Rich Tobias,  Ray Evernham, Mom & Dad, Tom Laner   

Favorite Drivers : Kasey Kahne,  Jeremy "The Bullfrog" Markle,  Dave Werber   

Favorite Music : ACDC  

Favorite Movies : Step Brothers

Hobbies : Fishing, Snowboarding, X-Box, Golf



 Question and Answer with Billy V  :

How did you become involved in racing?
When I was 4 years old,  my parents bought me a "Power Wheels" electric car.  You could only drive the thing for about an hour and then the batteries would need a 12 hour re-charge.....  I wanted to drive that little car ALL THE TIME,  not just one hour a day.    So.... mom and dad bought me a gas powered go-kart and I got to drive around the yard all day long.            
When I tnrned 5 years old,  My dad brought me over to our local go-kart track (Oakland Valley Race Park in Cuddebackville,NY).  They were starting a new division for 5 year olds called "Kid Karts".  Away we went!  We were at that track every weekend for the next 6 years.

 What is your most memorable racing victory?
Winning at Penn Can in 2004 in front of the whole Len and Jo's crew!  It was my first Tobias Slingshot Tour Race in the Senior Division.  I won the feature !!!  My dad was there, racing his Dirt Sportsman car, and Jeremy Markle was there with his small block modified.    The whole crew was there and they all made it to victory lane for the photograph.   

What is your most memorable racing moment?
Winning the 2007 Tobias Slingshot National Championship. Then.... being told by Rich Tobias,  that he and Ray Evernham were giving me a Tobias Speedstr Midget to drive for the entire 2008 racing season.   

        Who would you like to thank for helping you through your racing career?
This is a long list,  we have had a bunch of help over the years and it means a lot to me.... First, I need to thank my family, My Mom and Dad and Sisters are always there for me......   Jeremy Markle and the Markle Family for all of their help including the use The Len & Jo's Race Garage where we keep our race cars...... The Len & Jo's Racing Crew have been a big help around the garage .. Tommy Kline, Jim Williams and Danny Markle are just awsome!    My grandparents,.  Hank & Carol Conroy and  Bill & Lois VanInwegen   have always supported my racing efforts. They have given me money and also, tremendous amounts of time.........   There are several people who helped me early on in my carreer with gokart racing at Oakland Valley Race Park..... .  Ron Heinzelman was there with me for several years and we couldn't have done without him. Tom & Penny Johnson, Chip Bunker, Joe Fredericks, and Mike Doty all gave us help at one time or another.....  Dan and Beth Schupp  and Eric Avenengo helped us with a dirt kart at the Hamlin Speedway. .....                                                 In the Slingshot days,  Randy Smith from S&S Speedways helped us get started in slingshot racing and he has continued to help me ever since....... Dave Pecko has helped me so much.  He is great at setting up a race car and he has taught me a ton.   My dad and I have spent several weekends at the Pecko Family house in Vandling,Pa .   Dave and Brenda have always opened their door for us and it means a lot to me.....  Pecko Race Team crew members,  Rich Curtis and Dave "Bug" Whiting are always willing to help me too.   Mike Staiger created this great website.........  and I need to thank the guys who allow me to drive their race cars.......... Rich Tobias teamed up with Ray Evernham and they gave me Tobias Speedstr midget to race for an enitre racing season.... I can't thank them enough and I am so proud to be associated with them....... Winter's Napa Auto Parts......  Tommy Laner has helped me for several years and he allowed me to drive his 305 Sprint car in four events during the 2008 season... That  was a year I will never forget.......   Uncle Ray Markle helps out with his Markle's Store Sponsorship .....Ron Smykla at J&R Motorsports.........Dirt Modified driver, Davey Werber, has always helped me with everything from insight to set ups.......   The Enright Brothers at Tom & Jerry Graphics have always given me great looking race cars.....   Bernard Rhoades ("BR") for offering us his racing knowledge and help..............Johnson & Conroy Insurance  has been a great sponsor for several years now and I really need to thank the guys at Hank Conroy Mototsports.  There is no way I would have been able to race in so many events if it weren't for  the financial support of these two sponsors.